Ceramics lights in four different variations

Raff is a collection of lights developed by using coloured porcelain made for the use in a cosy ambience. Raff transfers the charm of mid-century industrial lights into a warm natural material combined with a concept of subtle colours. Raff comes in different shapes, matching a wide range of apllications, whether it’s the Raff Wickel, Raff Pendel, Raff Spot or Raff Helix.

Raff Spot and Raff Pendel are made for ambient lighting, inspired by construction side spotlights, enlightening various scenarios. The Lights are equipped with translucent acrylic glass diffusers for a dimmed Light atmosphere.

The Raff Wickel is height adjustable: Its defined form allows you, to wind or unwind as much cable as you need. This functional detail, which also serves as the strain relief, dictates the lamp’s appearance.

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