I am Mathis Orlando Kretschmann,
a passionate designer and
process developer with a focus
on products, furniture and
interiors, with a master’s
degree (M. Sc.) and working
experience in product and
interior design in Germany
and Canada.

I apply my widespread
knowledge in all project
phases: Conception,
Development and Realisation
and provide proven skills
in CAD, 3D Rendering, concept
visualisation and model making.

My work is dedicated to
functional design
in line with minimalistic
aesthetics and unique

since 2019
mk Design, Cologne | Germany
Freelance product and interior Designer
2017 - 2019
goldesel agentur, Cologne | Germany
product and interior design
2016 - 2017
bricault design, Vancouver | Canada
product and interior design
2015 - 2018
University of Applied Sciences, Cologne | Germany
masters of science degree in product design and process development
2014 - 2015, Aachen | Germany
content manager
Kressel und Schelle, Hamburg | Germany
furniture design and product developement
2010 - 2015
University of Applied Sciences, Aachen | Germany
bachelor degree in product design
Born in 1988 in Aachen | Germany 

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